children of the sun




 On March 16, 2020, a pandemic brought the world to a halt. Adults were compelled to leave their workplaces, while children were pulled out of schools. The uncertainty of the situation left many of us, especially adults, in fear. The once unshakeable pillars of strength in our lives seemed to crumble. Consequently, Børns Vilkår witnessed a significant surge in calls from children. These young callers expressed fears of death or losing their loved ones. They were struggling with isolation at home, often in environments marred by mental health issues, abuse, or parental exhaustion. These were the same children we knew from schools, our neighborhoods, and local communities, who now needed a confidant outside their family circle.

To highlight this critical issue and raise funds for Børns Vilkår, I initiated the “Children of the Sun” project. This endeavor featured a collection of portraits, each depicting a unique flower standing alone against a backdrop of enveloping darkness.

I set up a WeTransfer account where, for a week, anyone could download these portraits in poster size free of charge. During this download, there was also an option to donate any amount to Børns Vilkår, aiding their vital work in these challenging times.