children of the sun

March 16 2020 a pandemic shut down the world. Adults were sent home from work and children were sent home from school. None of us knew which consequences it would bring and we the grownups were scared. The rock-solid adults were gone. As a result Børns Vilkår saw a massive increase in phone calls from children who were afraid of dying or losing their parents and grandparents. Children who had difficulty being isolated at home with parents struggling with mental illness, abuse, lack of energy etc. These were the children from school, from the block and from the neighborhood who these days needed a non-parent adult to speak with.

To shed light on the problem and raise money for Børns Vilkår, I made the project “children of the sun”. The project consists of portraits of a diversity of solitary flowers surrounded by an all-encompassing darkness.

I created af Wetransfer account, and here it was possible for one week to download the project in poster size to print yourself completely free of charge. At the same time, it was possible to donate any given amount to Børns Vilkår when downloading.




The project has been created for Børns Vilkår